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Keep your dog's mind stimulated, discourage problem behavior and promote dental health with dog toys. We try to focus on all breeds. Choose a toy that matches your dog's personality and chewing habits.

About All Toys For Dogs

Learn more about our mission and how we started out as an idea back in the spring of 2016. Here's to another year with all of you and your fur family!

~ B. Helms

Safe, Fun, and Interactive Toys for Your Dog

Keep your dog happy all year long. We have toys for big dogs and small dogs and every size in between. Whether you need to distract them or you just want to treat them, you’ll find what you need here. Chewing toys, tough toys (for your rambunctious dogs) or interactive toys that can keep them busy when they are alone or the weather has gotten quite loud, or it is too hot or cold to go outside. Toys make them use their minds and that will wear them out faster than a run in the park.

We keep a basket of different toys out for our dogs. They play with different ones at different times. They love for us to throw toys, but don’t quite have the bringing back part down! In the evening, they choose a plush toy to play with. Squeaker toys can be great fun for your dog but may need to disappear after a while. Having something similar without a squeaker could fill the void.

If your dogs are like ours, they love to sometimes tear the stuffing out of plush toys. We will occasionally let them, but mostly they get toys without stuffing. They still try to tear them apart, but the debris is not so bad. For keeping your dog sharp, interactive toys may just be the thing you need. Puzzles of all levels to keep your dog from getting frustrated too soon. The ones with treats inside give them extra incentive. Let’s not forget about pulling toys for your dog. Ours are rope toys, which they love and play tug-a-war together or sometimes with us.

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About Us

We are life-long dog lovers. Our two puggles, Tug and Shadow, have provided much joy in our life. The idea of selling toys for dogs came about while watching our boys play with each other. We have purchased many toys of all kinds. We are constantly surprised by the toys each dog claims as its own. We have also thrown away many toys that became unsafe in some way or were ignored. We quit buying stuffed toys when one of the dogs ate one whole toy in a day. Dogs like different kinds of toys. We like to have a variety available for ours. Our mission is to provide safe, fun toys for all dogs. To us, this means providing many options of toys, both in material and type, for all the dogs out there.

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